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Zoe Wakelam is an Australian born, London based, emerging artist. A multi-instrumentalist, Zoe’s style showcases her many sources of inspiration, from artists such as Dodie Clark, to Jóhann Jóhannsson and twenty øne piløts. Combining Pop/Folk tendencies and layered vocals with rhythmic percussion and sometimes quirky lyrics, Zoe’s songwriting is thoughtful but within the listeners grasp, often tackling subjects such as loneliness, courage and anxiety, with honesty and hope.



Due to Covid-19 Zoe is currently not performing live shows. If you would like to stay up to date on livestreams etc. head to Zoe's Instagram.



While many Pop artists busy themselves by projecting a plasticised version of their being into their songs, up and coming singer-songwriter Zoe Wakelam has gone in the opposite direction with their refreshingly human single “Clumsy”. Any fans of the style of Kate Nash and Lily Allen are sure to appreciate the soulful sticky-sweet offering of ukulele-led Bubblegum Pop. It’s endlessly endearing, and it stands as a testament to Zoe Wakelam’s talent when it comes to cooking up impossibly accessible melodies.

Zoe delivers a stunning vocal display that showcases the distinct elements behind her charismatic voice, which presents listeners with the chance of seeing more from the artist behind the music.

I love the song and you will too! It sounds incredible. It's upbeat, the soft beat makes it an easy, listenable tune.

Zoe Wakelam’s single 1815 does admirably well to satisfy anybody who is soul searching, providing strong and relatable lyrical content that’s set against a playful melody to boot. Simple but effective, and addictively catchy.